ERDT/SHARE! Southwest Region

SHARE! High School Exchange Program
ERDT is a global educational non-profit foundation

ERDT/SHARE! Southwest Region

High school students from more than 30 countries
are eager to find a family to share their heart and home.

ERDT/SHARE! Southwest Region

See the world in a whole new light
when you share your home with a student from overseas!

ERDT/SHARE! Southwest Region

Families of all types are eligible to become ERDT/SHARE! Host Families.

Host an Exchange Student

Invite the world home by SHARE!ing your heart and home with a student from overseas! High schoolers from more than 30 countries are eagerly awaiting to hear who their host families will be. Start your adventure of a lifetime–visit our Become a Host page to learn more!

View Available Students

Call SHARE! Southwest at 800.941.3738 to view student applications. If you see a student who is compatible with your family, please contact your Exchange Program Coordinator or the SHARE! Southwest office immediately. We can then place the student on hold for the family.

Darkness to Light

Darkness to Light is committed to empowering adults to prevent child sexual abuse. ERDT/SHARE! is proud to be the first exchange student organization to include the Darkness to Light Stewards of Children curriculum as part of its staff, volunteer and coordinator training.


ERDT/SHARE!, a nonprofit educational foundation, has been successfully involved in providing positive cross-cultural experiences since 1974. All of us at ERDT/SHARE! strongly believe that cross-cultural exchange is fundamental to creating understanding and tolerance in a world that grows smaller every day. We truly believe the future of our children rests on developing friendships with people from other countries. Our programs are designed as cultural experiences that develop understanding and knowledge though positive personal experiences. Many of the senior staff in the ERDT/SHARE! has lived, worked, and/or studied overseas. Therefore, we bring firsthand cross-cultural experience to the organization.

We are currently hosting a German foreign exchange student. It has been so much fun to learn about another culture. Our student fits in perfectly with our family; it is like having another daughter! Having her here has led us to visit many of the tourist locations that we never seem to have time to visit. It has been a wonderful experience!


I have been a SHARE coordinator for 8 years, and I am having an amazing time. I quickly learned how much SHARE cares about their host families, students, and staff…. Your family will experience one of the most memorable years of their life by teaming up with SHARE and hosting an international exchange student.
Arlene M.


My wife and I have hosted the last two years. Our first year was a girl from Germany, and this year we have boys from Japan and China. These students have changed our lives! They have broadened our views and opened our eyes to the world beyond our borders. Plus, we have been able to see our own country through fresh eyes and shared in their joy of discovery…seeing things we may have gotten used to, and maybe not appreciated like we should.


We had such a wonderful experience having an exchange student in our home. She was so positive and excited about everything here. The Share program was such a great way to do this because they were such a great support to her and to us. The long term benefits of having an exchange student are still coming because we are great friends with her and her family too. It’s a priceless experience!