Become a SHARE! Coordinator



Are you professional? A people-person who enjoys working with teens? Are you interested in all the cultures of the world?

If you can answer an enthusiastic “yes!” to all of the questions above, you are exactly who the SHARE! international student program is looking for… apply today!


1. Fill out an Exchange Program Coordinator Application, including a reference check and criminal background check form.

2. The Team Leader for your area will contact you to discuss the position & conduct an informal interview.

3. You will receive an Independent Contractor Agreement to read, sign and return to your Team Leader.

4. Get started finding wonderful families for teens that will be arriving for the next school semester.

5. Prepare for the arrival of the fantastic group of students that have YOU to thank for matching them with their host families!

CLICK HERE to view the online application to become an Exchange Program Coordinator. 



Why be an EPC?

The SHARE! Exchange Program Coordinator (EPC) is dedicated to the promotion of world peace and cultural tolerance. As an EPC, you proudly promote SHARE! in your community, the local schools and among prospective host families.


What is involved?

Through a cross-cultural homestay experience, international teens come to communities throughout the United States and attend local public high schools.

The EPC chooses families for these teens and communicates with the local schools so that they are ready for the student’s arrival. During the student’s stay, the EPC meets regularly with the teens and families, helping with adjustments and assisting them in ways to make their cultural exchange the experience of a lifetime for everyone involved!


What are the qualities of a successful EPC?

Commitment, persistence, flexibility, ability to work toward and accomplish established goals. Empathy, humor, understanding of human relationships, particularly those involving teens, counseling/mediation skills and being organized are also important.


What is the compensation?

SHARE! EPCs are independent contractors and will be issued a 1099 at the end of each calendar year. EPCs receive a Placement Documentation Fee of $250 for each student that they place after all required paperwork is submitted. After the students arrive EPCs are further compensated based on a “per student basis:”


Are there extra incentives or bonuses?

Games, contests, goal acquisition, etc. are all rewarded throughout each cycle of the academic year via cash awards, annual incentive trip points, gift certificates, gifts and other fun and innovative incentives. Learn more about team incentives via the weekly newsletter and e-memo sent to all SHARE! EPCs and Team Leaders.


What’s this I heard about a free trip?!

INCENTIVE POINTS are earned by EPCs per student that they place with a host family. Once 300 points are earned, they can be used to take the Annual SHARE! Incentive Trip OR they can be exchanged for a bonus of $1000, instead. Each year EPCs and other SHARE! team members travel on a 5 day, 4 night overseas adventure.

Past trips have included: Munich, Germany; Paris, France; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Warsaw and Krakow, Poland; Merida, Mexico; Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan; Oahu, Hawaii; Hong Kong, Brussels, Belgium and Istanbul, Turkey.

Join your fellow EPCs on the next international adventure, and see the world with your own eyes!